Another Robosigner Deposition: Crystal Moore

Video deposition of alleged robosigner Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing. Deposition taken by attorney Christopher Forrest of The Forrest Law Firm in Pinellas County, Florida, Nov. 4, 2010.

Check out the video and come to your own conclusions.

If you would like more commentary on robosigners read below or jump to our other article about robosigner depositions. You might find the time stamps to me interesting.

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17:00 Did you read this assignment. No. Do you ever read any of the documents before you sign them? No.

That’s a low light from the deposition at the 17 minute mark….there are many, many other staggering facts admitted in this video deposition and I’m certainly hopeful that the excellent work done by attorney Christopher Forrest will get the kind of national attention it deserves.  Visit his website here.

Listen to how carefully and expertly Forrest plugs down the relevant issues and facts.  These depositions are going to be very important as this foreclosure battle rages on because millions of Americans will be exposed to the individuals who have been empowered to execute documents that result in the loss of American’s homes and we’re all going to be asking ourselves….”are these business practices reasonable or legitimate?”  Forrests’ work, like the work of Tom Ice and Tom Cox before him is game changing and ground breaking.  Those clients in the Sarasota/Bradenton area are certainly encouraged to retain him in order to benefit from the exceptional work he is doing.

Ironically, I just ran a race right past the offices of National Title Clearing located in Palm Harbor, Florida (a little half marathon warm up before next weekend’s Ironman 70.3 World Championships) anyway, I thought I’d insert a little picture of the place so you can see what a document mill looks like…

1454 150x150 Another Robosigner Deposition: Crystal Moore

There was a nationwide fury when the national press got hold of the depositions of Jeffrey Stephan…for those that took the time to read the depositions they provoked very real and serious questions about the processes and procedures to create evidence that has been submitted in tens of thousands of cases across this country.  The questions that became part of the national discussion are the very same questions some judges, defense attorneys and advocates have been asking for years about the questionable practices lenders and their attorneys are using as part of their way to take homes from American citizens.

You really must watch the entire video deposition to get a full picture of what happens inside a document mill and what a robo signer does.  I want to encourage everyone to listen to the full deposition.  Consider the fact that the person you see on this deposition is responsible for signing tens of thousands of documents that are used to take the homes away from American citizens.

Even if you accept all her statements as true (and in my opinion some of her non verbal cues suggest that she is not being entirely truthful), you should be very uncomfortable with many of the answers this robo signer gives.  The fundamental basis for executing documents that are to be filed in court cases is that the person actually has real, formal corporate authority to sign the documents and that they actually have some personal knowledge of the facts that form the basis for the signatory act.  Breakdowns in these elements are at the heart of the robo signer controversy.

One of the key disputes in all this foreclosure controversy is the fact that the plaintiffs who claim the are entitled to foreclose relates to the fact that in most cases these plaintiffs don’t actually have appropriate documents that evidence this alleged right.  In the absence of real documentation or proof prior to filing, many times the plaintiffs set about to produce documents that purport to support their right to foreclose after the litigation commences…this is part of the important work of a document mill.

5:56 The document says you are signing as a Vice President, Were you a Vice President?  No.

8:43 Executed more than 50,000 documents, but she cannot remember the names of the companies on whose behalf she was executing these documents.

9:40 Do you have any idea what companies you are authorized to sign for? How do you know that Citi has authorized you to sign?  Because my name is on the document.

12:51 Who requested that you sign this document?  I don’t know it just came to my desk.

13:45 Batches of documents are delivered to me, that I sign.

15:55 What is an Assignment of Mortgage? Does this Assignment convey any other interest? I don’t know.

16:00 What good and valuable consideration did Citimortgage get for this assignment?  I don’t know. Do you know what good and valuable consideration is? No

17:00 Did you read this assignment. No. Do you ever read any of the documents before you sign them? No.  How much time do you spend on the assignments? A few seconds.

19:34 Did Ameriquest Mortgage give you permission to sign this document? I don’t know.

21:45 Did you verify the information in this document? No. Do you ever take steps to verify information you sign? No.

28:00 How many documents would you sign a day? About 3,000 a day.  When you signed the assignment, the notary didn’t actually physically see you sign the document right? Right.

35:00   Pay particular attention here if you want to know just how important it was to defeat theInterstate Recognition of Notarizations (IRON) Act, this is it. To knowledge is your signature inserted electronically? Yes. When it is E recorded. So documents are prepared at NTC with you signature inserted without you ever seeing the document. Yes. When you signature is inserted do you ever review that document? No. So the insertion of your signature takes place outside you’d presence and you have no knowledge? Yes.

So there you have it….a deep look into the bowels of a document mill.  There are so many issues and questions that this deposition provokes.  Sadly too many people won’t grasp the significance of all the issues and in so many ways I feel like so much has already been lost.  Make no mistake, the admissions you see in this deposition are not unique to this witness and they are not particular to this company…it happens across the industry.

We all know it now.  The leadership of this country simply does not care and will not do anything about the fundamental violations and errors

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